What is this place and why haven’t I left yet?

About the Blog

This blog details Dan's daily search for self improvement.  As a fan of people like Tim Ferriss and James Altucher he is interested in building habits that lead to life long wins.  While this blog is primarily about getting better at whitewater kayaking, it will probably also delve into other topics he is passionate about such as other sports, science, real estate, and personal finance.  Heck if things get really boring he may resort to writing about topics he is only remotely interested in (stamp collecting?, Bob Ross painting techniques?, backgammon?).

The thing that binds these posts together is his search for improvement in everything he attempts, hoping that he can be better at something than someone, somewhere in the world, somehow, and do it with a little bit of humor.

About the Author

Dan is a 30-something guy from Edmonton, Canada.  He managed to graduate from the University of Alberta a few times and works as a professional forester to pay for his whitewater paddling addiction. He is an average athlete (at best), is of average height and weight (ladies, no high heels, please), and can almost hold a non-work conversation at a bar if he was ever in a bar.  He's sorta funny in a Rodney Dangerfield kind of way and has a hard time being politically correct.

His goal for most things in life is to do be better than at least one other person out there in everything that he does.  Sometimes it takes a little practice and sometimes it just takes a little searching on the internet. By sharing his small wins his hope is that you can also improve.