AXP – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks workout is another football style workout named after another mediocre team. I am not saying this isn’t a hard workout since I have done it two or three times before, but there will be fear in my eyes the day that the Minnesota Vikings get a workout named after them.

Today’s workout had a new wrinkle added. ATHX introduced Polar heart rate monitors to the workout ( These monitors are strapped to the arm at the biceps muscle and measures your heart rate over the course of the workout. Based on some sort of software algorithm magic (I assume involving sex, age, height and weight as that is all I think I put in the system) the computer then calculates the number of calories your burn over the course of the workout and graphs your heart rate. The added bonus is that it was projected on the wall so that everyone who had a monitor could see their progress (and perhaps judge their exertion against everyone else). I have never been to Orange Theory Fitness, but I imagine this is along the lines of what they do. If we do this at ATHX semi regularly I will start to post the graphs, mostly because I think they are pretty cool. This will also work as a measurable when it gets included.

As always this starts with movement prep, and from there it moved to the track for some hurdles and the high rise ladder. The inclusion of the high rise ladder (this ladder is about 6 inches or so off the ground) is an interesting change to the patterns. The additional requirement of remembering to lift your feet ups the difficulty of patterns by quite a bit.

The main part of the workout consisted of four circuits.

The first circuit consisted of 6 back squats, 6 box jumps, and 40 yards of sled sprints. We completed this circuit  four times. Today the back squat weight was 105 lbs which is in the ball park for what I have been squatting. For the box jumps I moved up to the higher box (30 inches maybe?) since there were only six per session, and for the sled sprints I pushed 115 lbs so that I could actually sprint.  Based on the heart rate monitor I was pushing pretty hard during this circuit.  The few times I snuck a look I was averaging about 92% of my max heart rate.

The second circuit was 8 bench presses, 8 pull ups, and 8 med ball slams. We completed this circuit three times. I was pressing 80 lbs today and maybe could have hit 90 lbs.  For most of the circuits I was getting through 8 and maybe could have pushed a 9th, but who knows.  Since we had a few more people in today’s workout compared to the last time I did it, I had a bit more time to catch my breath between exercises. However with this being a more strength based circuit a high heart rate was probably less important.

The third circuit consisted of 10 kettlebell swings, and a combination of 3 tall hurdle jumps followed by a 20 yard sprint. We did this circuit three times as well. For the swings I had a 45 lbs kettlebell and for the hurdle jumps I was jumping about 18 inches (this wasn’t high but out of this option and the higher option this was the only one I could make).  This circuit brought my heart rate back up into the red zone again.  I could definitely feel it.

The final circuit was consisted of biking, sled pulls and bear crawls, all a single rep of 60 seconds. In past workouts I think that the biking was used as the measurable (I did 21 kcals today), my sled pulls were weak and I had nothing left to complete any semblance of a decent bear crawl.

Once again I can say I was spent at the end of this workout, and with the heart rate monitor it might actually show that I didn’t have much left to give. The other measureables from the heart rate monitor show that my max heart rate was 95%,  my average heart rate was 82% of maximum and that I burned 817 kcals over the course of the workout. If I can figure out how to work some stats magic I may find a way to make these writeups more interesting over the next few weeks.  16 weeks to Nationals.


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