AXP – 10×10

The 10 x 1o workout consists of 3 exercises: spin, planks and deadlifts. Despite the lack of of diversity it is hard.

After we finished the standard movement prep, we moved right to bikes for the first circuit.

60 seconds of spin followed by 60 seconds of front plank.  We did this 3 times. For the spin the goal was to keep the rpms above 100.  I am pretty sure everyone was in a full lather by the end of this circuit and things were just starting.

Circuit was another spin/plank combination that we completed twice.  We started by spinning in the saddle for 60 seconds (the “pro level” was gear 16), the spinning out of the saddle for 60 seconds (gear 20) and the planking forever (30 second front, 20 second side, 30 second front, 20 second other side, 30 second front). The last front plank on the second rotation was one of the toughest planks I have ever held.  I think I maintained good form, but couldn’t quite hold it for the entire 30 seconds.

We then started the measureable – the 10 x 10.  This measureable consisted of 10 kcals on the bike followed by 10 deadlifts.  We completed this circuit 10 times.

I am still pretty crap at deadlifts so it was a mere 105 lbs (2 x 35 lbs plates plus the bar). Biking 10 kcals is taking much less time lately. I have been able to keep the gears higher for longer periods, although with 10 rotations in this circuit there were definitely a few times where I started on a lower gear so that I could catch my breath and grab a little water.

The final circuit consisted of 3 minutes of spin at “a reasonable pace” to flush out the legs and a final set of planks (30 seconds front, 20 second side, 20 second other side, 30 seconds front).

My time for the measureable today was 18 minutes 43 seconds. Based on the leaderboard I was pretty slow among the men today. Not really happy about, but it gives me something to think about. My performance in the last few sessions hasn’t been my best in a while.  I don’t think I am dealing with an injury, I think I might just be tired.

The good news is that with the weather clearing up I am skipping Friday’s session so that I can prep for paddling on Saturday. Keep an eye out for my first trip report.

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