AXP – Cool Runnings

The Cool Runnings workout is another workout I haven’t completed before.  It is modelled on a bobsleigh style workout, so it is focused on cardio and leg strength.

Following the movement prep, we followed up with a cardio warmup of 10 yard sprints (high knees, butt kicks, laterals and “karaokes”), three tempo runs on the track (50 yard sprint at ~75% and a jog back), resistance banding, wall marches, and some hurdle jumps.

The main part of the workout was completed in three parts.  Part one consisted of a 20 yard sled sprint followed by a plank.  We completed this movement three times.

The measureable was a timed circuit of 10 deadlifts, 2 high box jumps, and 1 100 yard track sprint.  This circuit was completed 10 times, with the completion time being the measureable.

We then completed the workout by gong back to the sled sprints and planks.

Interesting things that went through my mind as I was going through the workout today:

  • There was a lot of cardio in this workout, so I made a concerted effort to stop a couple times during the circuit to grab some water.
  • For the sled sprints I dropped the weight on the sled from 135 lbs to 115 lbs.  I wanted to make sure that I could actually sprint with the sled.
  • When we do wall marches prior to sled pushes/sprints it really helps remind me of the form required before adding all the weight to the movement.
  • Once again I failed miserably at deadlifts.  I purposely dropped the weight to 55 lbs to try and focus on form and still had issues.  One thing that Cam recommended was to not drop the bar to the ground during each rep to save my back a little bit.  In theory this should be easy – bar close to the shins, hinge down, chest up, keep the bar close to the legs as you lift.  But apparently I can’t do all of this in one motion.

My end time of the measureable was 17 minutes 11 seconds.  Overall very slow, but I did take a few minutes to try and get coached on the deadlifts, which probably slowed me down by a couple minutes.  If I can get the deadlift technique dialed then this should be an easy record to beat next time around.

After the workout I stuck around for an extra hour and pitched some front toss and manned the pitching machine for local baseball hero Nicole Luchanski as she preps for baseball season. In the three or so sessions of BP that I have helped out on I think that I am learning how to throw a flat front toss pitch and even with my slow reaction time have yet to get hit by a comebacker.  No defense today, but I was probably too tired to catch short hops anyways. After a long day like today I will be dipping into the Ibuprofen when I get home so that I can get out of bed tomorrow.

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