AXP – Denver Broncos

The first workout of this week was the Denver Broncos, a football style workout. There are a few football style workouts that regularly come up including Monday Night Football and Dallas Cowboys. The trainer that I workout with on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tanya,  is part of the Canadian women’s national team so these workouts definitely involve football related exercises.  It’s unfortunate they are named after really bad football teams (Go Vikings).

After movement prep was completed we moved over to the track to work on foot work.  We started with four 30 second reps of “fast feet, slow hands”.  This movement involves running on the spot in a slight hinge (fast feet) and keeping a slower cadence with the arms, moving them from hip to head in a steady form (slow hands).  It’s pretty amazing how tough this can actually be to have good form.

From there we did some hurdle patterns on the short hurdles. For each rep the goal is to complete the pattern and then put in about 3 explosive sprint steps after you clear the last hurdle.  Each time we do hurdles or ladders the patterns vary so I really can’t explain them here, but when we do them I try to focus on getting the foot work and the arm movements correct more than doing it quickly.  If I have a pretty good handle on the foot work then I try to build speed from there.

For the main part of the workout there were three stations:

The first station involved sled pushes (I pushed 105 lbs which is my regular sled weight these days) and stair sprints.  We completed 40 yards of sled pushes followed by 4 flights of stairs, and then completed 80 yards of sled pushes followed by 8 stair sprints.

The second station (the measureable) was a 100 yard sprint.  Nothing fancy about this.  Run the 50 yard track, transition, run back.

The final involved 10 floor presses (I think I was using 15 lbs kettlebells which may have been a little light, but I was worried about burning out my arms like I did during “The Cait” workout a few days ago) and 10 push ups.  We completed 3 sets of these

The final goal for the workout was to complete 3 rotations of these three stations.  I managed to get through 2 full rotations and complete the first set of sled pushes and stairs on the final rotation before the end of the session, so I guess I got through 72% of the workout. For the measurable my fastest of the two 100 yard sprints was 18.63 seconds (the second was just over 20 seconds).  Compared to everyone in the group today I was quite slow, and comparing myself to everyone else on the leaderboard I was not in the top half of people who did AXP today.

Overall, I was a little disappointed my performance in the workout today, I just didn’t seem to have “it”.  Sleds seemed to be okay today, but I was slow on the stairs, slow in the sprints, light on the weights, and had to do quite a few push ups from my knees to finish the sets.  I don’t if it was because the sled was too heavy and I burned myself out from the start or if it was post-Easter “turkey legs”. I don’t think I left anything in the tank today, but every few weeks I have a workout or two that feels really unremarkable. Hopefully this was it and I can be back firing at full capacity on Wednesday, and not get let down by a slow day or two.  I am really hoping for a rowing workout in the next few sessions just to see where I stand, as this is about as close to a kayaking workout I can get.

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