AXP – Monday Night Football

The Monday Night Football AXP workout is another intense workout that I have been through multiple times.  As with the other football workouts this is a full body workout that focuses on explosive power.

After completing the movement prep we then moved to the track to work on foot work. In this part of the workout we focused on proper form for marching (which I always find helpful before pushing a sled), 2 inch runs (fast feet/slow arms for 5 yards), rolling 20 yard sprints (increasing speed from start to finish), and leaning accelerations where you keep your feet planted and lean forward and then explode into a run.  We then did a handful of ladder movements.

Following the footwork exercises we moved to a circuit of floor presses, bent over rows and overhead med ball throws (I used 25 lbs kettlebells today). The circuit was completed 5 times. For the floor presses and bent over rows the number of reps per cycle were 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. And then one med ball throw was completed (back to the wall, reverse throw with the 12 lbs ball, with the goal being to get the ball as high as possible).  The overhead med ball throws were the measureable for todays workout.

For this part of the workout I was definitely in control and will probably try 35 lbs kettlebells next time around.  For the measureable, my maximum height was 16′.  This was about where I had it last time and is quite good considering during my first attempt at this workout in September I maxed out at about 12′.

After that circuit, we moved back to the track for more ladder drills and then finished up with the final power circuit.

The final circuit consisted of 10 yard sled sprints ,depth jumps to verticals (stepping off of a box, absorbing the drop/loading your legs, the jumping straight up), and finishing up with wall balls (this time facing the wall with the 25 lbs ball). Reps for each cycle were 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

I had 95 lbs on the sled for about half the reps, and then dropped 70 once I couldn’t keep the pace up. This was disappointing, but this isn’t an easy workout. I ended the day with nothing left in the tank.

We didn’t have the heart rate monitors today, but overall I was happy with how this workout went. My goals, next time I do this workout will be to up the weight during the first circuit, shoot for about 17′ on the measureable, and keep the weight up on the sled sprints. Hopefully we get this workout in about 2 or 3 weeks.

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