AXP – The 25

Today’s workout was called “The 25”.  It is a new workout, mostly focused on upper body exercises. After doing an upper body set on Wednesday I can’t say I really enjoyed this, but this if this was supposed to be fun then they wouldn’t call it work.

As normal we started with movement prep, we then moved upstairs to complete the “25”.

The 25 refers to 5 exercises that are set in multiples of 25, the goal was to complete 4 cycles in 25 minutes.  The exercises were as follows

  • 250 meters on the “Trueform” treadmill
  • 25 body weight squats
  • 25 push ups
  • 25 shoulder presses
  • 25 biceps curls

I had not previously run on the Trueform treadmill, so that was a new experience today.  The Trueform differs from a traditional treadmill in that the belt is purely driven by your own movement. It only speeds up if you can move your feet faster and when you stop it stops.  It was a little awkward to get used to, but was a unique setup. For shoulder press and curls I was using 10 lbs weights.  With so many reps I wasn’t sure I could maintain form with anything larger.

Overall I managed to finish 3 full cycles and get through the run and squats on the fourth rotation.  I wasn’t overly impressed with my results, but this was tough and I wasn’t the only person who didn’t finish.  With my movements for presses and curls being slow and controlled I probably gave up some time.

Following this set we moved back downstairs to the turf.  The following sets were planned with the final goal being completing 4 cycles in 15 minutes.

  • 10 split presses (these were jerk presses as I know them, not sure why they were called split presses)
  • 10 biceps curls (with the bar)
  • 10 split squat rotational throws (per side)
  • 100 yard track run

I completed the split presses and curls with the bar and no additional weight (nobody added weight to the bar today).  For the med ball throws, these were done standing face to face with a partner.  We set up in a split squat stance and the ball was thrown to you.  The goal was to absorb the ball by rotating to about 90 degrees and then as you rotate back to 0 degrees you pass the ball back (be explosive).  We did 10 and then switched legs and did 10 more. There are a few videos on youtube showing single person throws against a wall, the only difference with a partner vs the wall is that there seems to be less rotation required.

The final exercise was five cycles of 10 yard shuttle runs and 5 push ups.  The reps to be completed during each cycle were 5,4,3,2,1. Sadly I did not get through this.  My arms were pretty much spent so I had to pull the plug after the third cycle.  I was not happy.

Overall, this workout is hard. I will admit that I don’t have the most arm strength in the world so that is one issue. My refusal to do fast reps or incomplete motions also slows me down a lot for timed workouts like this. I look forward to trying this one again to see if I was just having a bad Friday or if I really am this bad at this workout.

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