AXP – The Hike

The workout today is called “The Hike”.  This is one of the few workouts that I don’t think I have done before.

The workout started with movement prep and then shifted to some resistance banding.  For the resistance banding we started with a hinge hold, followed by 8 clam shells per side.  We then did 10 yard movements with clam shells between (forward, clam shell, backwards, clam shell, left lateral, clam shell, right lateral, clam shell).  We had couple new people in the session who hadn’t felt the resistance band burn before.  When I made a comment about only being 15 minutes into the workout, one of these ladies told me to stop talking. It was a nice reminder that in general  I am still unpopular with the ladies.

The main part of the workout consisted of 3 two minute bike rides for max calories (the measureable), and two series of other exercises.  The workout went as follows:

  • 2 minutes at max calories
  • Series 1 consisted of a three exercise circuit – Med Ball slam (15 lbs) followed with a vert jump, kettlebell squats (35 lbs), and a barbell jerk press (started with 55 lbs, and had to drop down to just the 35 lbs bar by the end).  This was what I am starting to call “climbing reps”, we start at 1 rep per station and increase the reps each time we complete a rotation.  We maxed at 10 today.
  • 2 minutes at max calories
  • Series 2 consisted of a circuit of three different exercises  – Battle ropes, stair sprints and planks.  For the ropes and stairs we had 6 reps of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The plank was 30 seconds long.  This circuit was completed twice.
  • 2 minutes at max calories

With this workout being one I don’t think I have done before, there were a few things I noted.

  1. The med ball slam followed by the vert jump is an interesting way to ensure that you are completed your slam movement.  When I do my ball slam I end up in a full squat with my arms fully extended behind me (which I believe is the complete movement).  This sets you up nicely for a strong vert jump as your legs are loaded and your arms are back, ready to provide some momentum.  A half slam (or a drop like some people do) would seem to require extra work
  2. I still really hate barbell movements (deadlifts and now jerk presses).    When I do these sorts of movements I am at my weakest.
  3. I am still trying to figure out the best strategy to max out calories during these  bike measureables.  I tend to keep an eye on the Watts and if that starts to drop substantially then I drop the gear and give myself a little bit of a break until I feel I can amp things up again. I am not sure if this is more efficient then dropping gears at regular intervals or starting at a lower gear and holding that gear for the entire session. I may have to search Google for an answer
  4. Overall, I felt a little off peak today.  I don’t know if I am just tired, but it has been a bit of a grind the last few sessions.  Something to push through

My total on the measureable today was 87 kcals (35, 30, 22).  Once I again I was firmly in the middle of the pack on the leaderboard.  The plan is to come back for a Friday session.  Hopefully I get my legs back by then.

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