AXP – Upper Lift and Twitch

As it sounds, the Upper Lift and Twitch workout is an upper body workout. These types of workouts are not my favorite, because I prefer to end the day feeling entirely exhausted instead of just having tired arms, but it doesn’t mean that I take it any less serious.

For upper body workouts the warm up is different from the standard movement prep that we normally do.  Todays  warmup consisted of cat/cow stretches, standing W’s and T’s to stretch the lats (I always do these in a hinge), wall lat stretches and side planks against the wall. Not quite the same sweat to start the workout, but sufficient for what we were doing.

The first circuit consisted of 3 exercises completed 4 times.  These included bench presses  (8 to 10 reps, I pushed 85 lbs), sled rows (8 – 10 reps, a TRX system was clipped to the sleds), and jumping ball throws (6 reps, chest passes against a wall that include a forward jump to increase power).

The second circuit consisted of shoulder presses (8 – 10, I pushed 25 lbs), pull ups (to failure), and med ball slams (12 lbs ball). This circuit was completed 4 times as well.

The final circuit was the measureable which consisted of a 100 yard sprint followed by 10 pushups.  We had 10 minutes to do as many reps as possible.  I managed 10 reps which I was pretty happy with.  The pushups were hard by the end, so I had to drop to my knees to maintain the 10 reps. I don’t know if that is better than doing 5 from my toes, but I wanted to maintain that number of reps.

The next time I see this workout my goal will be to try and increase the weight on the bench press and shoulder press, and try and maintain 10 pushups during the measureable for as many reps as possible.


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